Marketing – for Holistic Practitioners

As a Practitioner in Energy Medicine, I find, like so many other integrative practitioners, that traditional forms of ‘marketing’ never seem to be very effective in informing the community about the value of our services. 

To begin to describe what I offer in a linear, or didactic way, doesn’t give the prospective client a sense of how the service can assist them personally, whether it be as an adjunct modality to cancer treatment, support pre and post op or during pregnancy, for chronic and acute pain, for stress management, during life transitions, etc.  Therefore, the best and most effective way to determine if inVISION sessions might be supportive or helpful, is by hearing or reading about others’ experiences, or their results, by way of word of mouth, or by being directed to my website or brochures, or an article about inVISION. The Echo has always been a great source of information about holistic and integrative practitioners and their services in our community.

My web content includes testimonials, which have always been one the most helpful ‘word of mouth’ vehicles because they describe a client’s experience rather than explain energy medicine, or what a medical intuitive with a practice in energy medicine does, and thus someone in need of my services may find resonance in those testimonials, or reflect their own need in those personal results.

I find that having a website has always been very helpful as a way that folks are able to find my services.  I am a ‘tried everything and not getting better?’ practitioner, and often people have sought many different methods of treatment and are searching for another or a complementary option, or perhaps have had difficulty with their medical professional not having the time or bandwidth to address their issue in a holistic way, including exploring possible underlying issues, lifestyle and trauma history, etc., and thus they stumble across my practice via the internet.

I enjoy collaborative medicine, so patients are often referred to me by their physician, psychotherapist, acupuncturist, midwife, chiropractor, physical therapist, or another healing arts practitioner, always a win win for the patient to have the medical professional working together with us as part of the team.

Written by Leena Rose Miller

Leena Rose Miller is a Medial Intuitive with a practice in Energy Medicine at the Charlottesville Wellness Center.  Her website is and she can be reached for appointments and inquiries by email at or by phone, 434.305.6815

Leena Rose Miller will be offering lectures, classes, and workshops in Richmond ,Virginia during February and March 2019 read The Echo World and check The Echo World facebook page for upcoming details.

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